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Our annual conference series provides an international forum for research in the field of royal studies.


The Kings & Queens conference series has been running since 2012-after three years at its home base in the UK, it is now 'on tour'-hosted by various universities in Europe and North America. The 'K&Q' conferences provide an opportunity for scholars and students to share their research and have become productive meeting places for collaboration-the Network, the Royal Studies Journal and five publications have all come from meetings at K&Qs-with more on the way! The conferences are known for their friendly atmosphere and many delegates return year after year to take part in the series and meet up with colleagues. 

Top Right: Delegates at the opening ceremony of K&Q4 in Portugal, June 2015
Bottom Right: Delegates at K&Q5 in Greenville, SC (USA), April 2016
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April 19, 2002                      

19 April 2012

Bath Spa University

Bath, UK

Kings & Queens 1


Power, Politics, Personalities & Patronage

08 July 2013

University of Winchester

 Winchester, UK

Kings & Queens 2

Making Connections: Alliances, Networks, Correspondence & Comparisons

11 July 2014

University of Winchester

Winchester, UK  

Kings & Queens 3

Entourage: Councilors, Cousins, Courtiers & Competitors

23 June 2015

University of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal  

Kings & Queens 4

Dynastic Changes & Legitimacy

08 April 2016

Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina, USA  

Kings & Queens 5

Dynastic Loyalties

12 September 2017

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)

Madrid, Spain 

Kings & Queens 6

In the Shadow of the Throne

08 July 2018

University of Winchester

Winchester, UK  

Kings & Queens 7

Ruling Sexualities: Sexuality, Gender & the Crown

24 June 2019

University of Catania

Catania, Italy 

Kings & Queens 8


Resilience - 'Resilio Ergo Regno'

01 July 2020

Miami University's European Centre

Differdange, Luxembourg

Kings & Queens 9


Politics, Society & Culture: The Transformative Impact of Monarchies 

29 June 2021

University of the Highlands and Islands

Perth, Scotland

Kings & Queens 10

10th Anniversary Conference

Royal Patronage: Material Culture, Built Heritage & the Reach of the Crown

29 June 2022

Université de Nantes

Nantes, France

Kings & Queens 11

Monarchy and Empire

28 - 30 June 2023

Uppsala University, Sweden

Kings & Queens 12

Royal Success(ion)

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