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One of the key objectives of the Royal Studies Network is to share information about upcoming events, calls for papers, useful resources and new publications in the field. Check out our new 'CFP-Contributions' page for the latest. Additionally, we have several other ways that we use to get the word out to keep you up to date about what is happening in the field...
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Follow our Social Media Outlets


The fastest, easiest way to stay on top of news in the field is to follow our twitter feed. If you're on facebook, join our group for news and information-it's also a great forum for questions and lively discussion. We've added Pinterest boards to share visual information as well.

RSN Newsletter


Join the RSN and you will receive our newsletter-don't worry, we won't be clogging up your inbox! Our bulletins appear roughly bi-monthly and feature key events, call for papers and news from our members, such as forthcoming publications

JISC Mail List


Send an email to with no subject and the following in the body of the email:



This subscribes you to the group. You can also use this to change your name if you are already a member of the group and you will receive a message saying that your subscription options have been updated. Please note that to do this, you must use the same email address you were originally subscribed with.


How to unsubcribe:

Send an email to with no subject and the following in the body of the email.


This removes you from the group. Specifying an asterisk instead of the group name will remove you from ALL JISCMail groups. Note: Since LISTSERV extracts your email address automatically, you must send the command from the same email address as you are subscribed with.

More information and advanced subscriber commands can be found here: 

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