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A key aspect of the Royal Studies Network is providing platforms for royal studies scholars and students to disseminate their research and continue to push the field forward together. The Kings & Queens conference series was the initial platform but we have quickly added others: the Royal Studies Journal, the Digital Seminar Series and the Podcast series, as well as linked book series like Gender and Power in the Premodern World (ARC Humanities Press), Lives of Royal Women (Routledge) and Studies in Monarchy and Money (AUP).

Royal Studies Journal

Launched in 2014, the Royal Studies Journal provides a fully Open Access, academic, peer reviewed journal for the field which is published twice a year, in June and December. We accept submissions on any subject related to royal studies in its broadest sense, over all periods, geographical contexts and from any disciplinary perspective. Submissions can vary in length and we also have Special Issues, curated by guest editors (normally released in June) and clusters. For more information on how to submit your work for consideration or to read our current and back issues, follow the link below.

Royal Studies Podcast

Our newest platform for disseminating research in royal studies is our podcast series. On the podcast we feature interviews with scholars in the field, talking about their new and upcoming publications, research projects and initiatives as well as features on RSJ book and article prize winners, special issues and clusters. Click the link below to hear the episodes we have released and subscribe so that you don’t miss upcoming content. If you have a project, publication or an aspect of royal studies that you’d like us to feature on the podcast, please contact us via

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