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Digital Seminar Series - 2023 Programme

The  RSN  is  delighted  to  announce  the  2023  programme  for  the  Digital  Seminar  Series.


(Takes place on a Tuesday every month at 17:00 BST/18:00 CET, unless noted otherwise) 


To see past digital seminars or annual programmes, click here.

Autumn 2023

15 August 2023

Roundtable:  Queenship  and  Narratives  of  Empire  and  Colonisation


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12 September 2023

Seminar:  Pilgrimages  of  the  Sovereign  Begums: Begums  of  Bhopal  

and  the  Politics  of  Mobility

Annie Treesa Joseph, University of Kerala


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24 October 2023 - POSTPONED TILL 2024, TBC

Seminar:  Education  and  Intimacy  in  the  Making  of  Indian  Rulers:

Princely  Pupils  and  their  British  Tutors  in  Late-Ninteenth  Century  Colonial  India

Teresa Seguara-Garcia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra


14 November 2023

Seminar:  The  Women  in  the  Spanish  Monarchy  and  Renaissance  Culture:

The  Case  of  Catherine  of  Aragon  (1485 - 1536)

Emma Luisa Cahill Marrón, Independent Scholar


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5 December 2023

Seminar:  “Without  Being  Able  to  Take  Her  Away”:  Rethinking  the  Role

of  Queenship  and  Raptus  in  Medieval  Political  Expansion, 1200 - 1415

Jessica Minieri, Binghamton University


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