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Digital Seminar Series - Past Programmes

The list below catalogues the seminar topics and themes from past DSS programmes.


2024 Programme

23 January 2024

Seminar:  A Newly Discovered Anti-German Text in the Reign of Queen Mary I

Valerie Schutte, Independent Scholar

20 February 2024

Seminar:  Education  and  Intimacy  in  the  Making  of  Indian  Rulers:

Princely  Pupils  and  their  British  Tutors  in  Late-Ninteenth  Century  Colonial  India

Teresa Seguara-Garcia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2023 Programme

10 January 2023 - POSTPONED

Roundtable:  The  Death  and  Legacy  of  Monarchs  -  Remembering  Queen  Elizabeth  II

21 February 2023 - RESCHEDULED FOR 7 MARCH

Seminar:  Dramatizing  the  British  Monarchy  on  Screen  and  the  Controversy  

of  ‘Still  Living’  History

Sarah Betts, University of York

21 March 2023

Seminar:  The  Future  of  Monarchy  Must  be  More  Constitutional  and  Less  Symbolic

James Selwood, Hiroshima University/University of Newcastle

18 April 2023

Seminar:  The  Sexualities  of  King  William  III  and  Queen  Mary  II

Jack Beesley (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Holly Marsden

(University of Winchester/Historic Royal Palaces)

23 May 2023

Seminar:  Privacy  among  Many  -  The  Withdrawing  Room  at  the  Stuart  Court

Julia Hamilton, University of London

15 August 2023

Roundtable:  Queenship  and  Narratives  of  Empire  and  Colonisation

12 September 2023

Seminar:  Pilgrimages  of  the  Sovereign  Begums: Begums  of  Bhopal  

and  the  Politics  of  Mobility

Annie Treesa Joseph, University of Kerala

24 October 2023 - POSTPONED TILL 2024, TBC

Seminar:  Education  and  Intimacy  in  the  Making  of  Indian  Rulers:

Princely  Pupils  and  their  British  Tutors  in  Late-Ninteenth  Century  Colonial  India

Teresa Seguara-Garcia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

14 November 2023

Seminar:  The  Women  in  the  Spanish  Monarchy  and  Renaissance  Culture:

The  Case  of  Catherine  of  Aragon  (1485 - 1536)

Emma Luisa Cahill Marrón, Independent Scholar

5 December 2023

Seminar:  “Without  Being  Able  to  Take  Her  Away”:  Rethinking  the  Role

of  Queenship  and  Raptus  in  Medieval  Political  Expansion, 1200 - 1415

Jessica Minieri, Binghamton University

2022 Programme

18 January 2022 - Roundtable

Roundtable: Writing  Biographies  for  Royal  Women - Challenges  and  Approaches

Featuring Ellie Woodacre, Rúben Gonzalez Cuerva, Kristen Geaman, Stefany Wragg, Silvia Mitchell, Jonathan Spangler, with Louise Wilkinson as chair


15 February 2022 - Matthew Firth

Seminar:  The  Prerogatives,  Lands,  and  Revenues  of  England's  Early  Queens,  850 - 1000

15 March 2022 - Panel

 Panel:  A  ‘Fresh’  Perspective?  Comparison  as  a  Core  Methodology  

in  Medieval  Queenship Studies

Featuring Paula Del Val Vales, Anaïs Waag, and Gabrielle Storey


26 April 2022 - Cindy McCreery

Seminar:  Modern  Monarchy  in  a  Global  Perspective:  From  Hawaii  to  Australia

17 May 2022 - Takashi Fujitani

 Seminar:  Another  Girl?:  The  Japanese  Royal  Succession  Debate  in  Historical  Perspective

16 August 2022 - Robert Aldrich

 Seminar:  Royal  Connections  between  Europe  and  Asia,  1870s - 1920s

20 September 2022 - Carolyn Harris

Seminar:  Royal  Tours  of  Canada  During  the  Reign  of  Queen  Elizabeth  II  -  

Change  and Continuity

18 October 2022 - Russell Martin

Seminar:  Wedding  Rituals  of  the  Russian  Monarchy

15 November 2022 - Barbara Bieniek

Seminar:  Restoration  and  the  Romanian  Monarchy

13 December 2022 - Paige Emerick 

Seminar:  George  IV's  Royal  Visit  to  Ireland  and  Scotland  and  

the  Display  of  Sub-National Identities

2021 Programme

18 January 2021 - Rocío Martínez Lopéz

Seminar:  Or  marriage  or  nothing?  A  comparative  study  on  unmarried  royal  

women  in the  Late  Medieval  and  Early  Modern  Europe.

15 February 2021 - Valerie Schutte 

Seminar:  “Into  the  handes  of  the  ragged  beare”:  John  Dudley,  

Duke  of  Northumberland,  in  the  Accession  Literature  of  Queen  Mary  I

16 March 2021 - Natalee Garrett

Seminar:  Behind  Closed  Doors - Celebrity  Culture  and  the  British  Royal  

Family,  1760 - 1820

19 April 2021 - Special Event

10th  Anniversary  Celebration  –  Roundtable  Discussion

17 May 2021 - Gabrielle Storey

Seminar:  Co-Rulership  and  Co-operation:   Royal Partnerships  

in  the  Angevin  Domains


16 August 2021 - Cathleen Sarti

Seminar:  Getting  Rid  of  a  King  or  Queen  Regnant

21 September 2021 - Diana Pelaz, Manuela Santos Silva, Lledó Ruiz Domingo

Panel  Seminar:  Queenship  and  Landholding  in  the  Iberian  Peninsula  

during  the  Late  Middle  Ages

18 October 2021 - Hannah Grieg

Interview/Discussion:  Visualising  Royalty:  Historical  Consulting  

and  Depictions  on  Film

15 November 2021 - Stephanie Russo and Laura Saxton

Panel Seminar:  Anne  Boleyn  in  Historical  Fiction

14 December 2021 

Holiday  Social  and  Trivia


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