Digital Seminar Series - Past Programmes

The list below is a list of seminar topics and themes from past programmes.

2021 Programme

18 January 2021 - Rocío Martínez Lopéz

Seminar: Or marriage or nothing? A comparative study on unmarried royal women in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

15 February 2021 - Valerie Schutte 

Seminar: “Into the handes of the ragged beare”: John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, in the Accession Literature of Queen Mary I

16 March 2021 - Natalee Garrett

Seminar: Behind Closed Doors: Celebrity Culture and the British Royal Family, 1760-1820

19 April 2021 - Special Event

10th Anniversary Celebration – Roundtable Discussion

17 May 2021 - Gabrielle Storey

Seminar: Co-Rulership and Co-operation: Royal Partnerships in the Angevin Domains


16 August 2021 - Cathleen Sarti

Seminar: Getting Rid of a King or Queen Regnant

21 September 2021 - Diana Pelaz, Manuela Santos Silva, Lledó Ruiz Domingo

Panel Seminar: Queenship and Landholding in the Iberian Peninsula during the Late Middle Ages

18 October 2021 - Hannah Grieg

Interview/Discussion: Visualising Royalty: Historical Consulting and Depictions on Film

15 November 2021 - Stephanie Russo and Laura Saxton

Panel Seminar: Anne Boleyn in Historical Fiction

14 December 2021 

Holiday Social and Trivia


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