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September Digital Seminar

17 September 2024


Seminar:  Representing Queenship: An Iconograpohical Database


Matthieu Mensch, Université de Strasbourg



Iconographic documents are no longer mere illustrations but genuine sources, tools for historians and essential elements in the study of both the representations and the power of queens and princesses.


These documents are scattered throughout numerous international collections as well as private holdings, and it is often difficult to get an overall view of them. The creation of a database that would bring together all the images of these women, with searches by keyword, period, type of document and name, would be very useful both for research work and for students.


Based on my own research work, I have developed this tool within the ARCHE laboratory (University of Strasbourg), which now needs to be completed to provide a global, international and comparative vision.



Ellie Woodacre


Seminar Timetable

17:00 – 17:10: Introduction (Chair)

17:10 – 17:55: Presentations

17:55 – 18:15: Q&A


Presenter bio

Université de Strasbourg – Associated member ARCHE – UR 3400PhD in modern history from the Universities of Strasbourg and Federico II of Naples. Thesis: "Construction and reappropriation of female royal figures: the cases of the Duchess of Angoulême and the Duchess of Berry (1778-2020)".


Research interests: images, women's history, queenship. New book: The women around Louis XVIII, Paris, Perrin (out in august or September 2024). 

More publication information:

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