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2021 - 2023  Series  Recordings

It is due to the generosity of the guest presenters of the digital series consenting that the recordings are available. However, not all recordings are available because some did not want to have their presentations recorded. We fully respect and support their decision in this regard. There are some presenters who limit the amount of time the recording is accessible. Any recordings that are available for a limited time are listed with their availability deadline. Please help us ensure the protection and safeguard of the presenter’s research by not sharing access information with non-members or, more importantly, by not sharing the recording directly. 


The available recordings are provided below. To view a seminar recording, click on the row containing the specific seminar you wish to view, and the recording will pop-up and starting playing. 

2023 Series - Available Recordings

Seminar: Valerie Schutte - A Newly Discovered Anti-German Text in the Reign of Queen Mary I
23 January 2024
Seminar: Teresa Seguara-Garcia - Education and Intimacy in the Making of Indian Rulers: Princely Pupils and their British Tutors in Late-Ninteenth Century Colonial India
20 February 2024

2022 Series - Available Recordings

Roundtable: 'Writing Biographies of Royal Women', featuring Ellie Woodacre, Rúben Gonzalez Cuerva, Kristen Geaman, Stefany Wragg, Silvia Mitchell, Jonathan Spangler, with Louise Wilkinson as chair
17 January 2022
Seminar: Matthew Firth - 'The Prerogatives, Lands, and Revenues of England's Early Queens, 850-1000'
15 February 2022
Seminar: Cindy McCreery - 'Modern Monarchy in a Global Perspective: From Hawaii to Australia'
26 April 2022
Seminar: Takashi Fujitani - 'Another Girl?: The Japanese Royal Succession Debate in Historical Perspective'
17 May 2022
Seminar: Barbara Bieniek - 'Restoration and the Romanian Monarchy'
15 November 2022
Seminar: Paige Emerick - 'George IV's Royal Visit to Ireland and Scotland and the Display of Sub-National Identities'
13 December 2022

2021 Series - Available Recordings

Roundtable Discussion: 'Kings & Queens/RSN 10th Anniversary Celebration', featuring Ellie Woodacre and previously K&Q hosts Ana Maria Rodrigues, Manuela Santos Silva, Caroline Dunn, Rocío Martinez Lopez, Matthew Storey, Ed Legon, Cinzia Recca, Thierry Leterre, Lucy Dean and Amy Hayes
19 April 2021
Seminar: Gabrielle Storey - 'Co-Rulership and Co-operation: Royal Partnerships in the Angevin Domains'
17 May 2021
Seminar: Cathleen Sarti - 'Getting Rid of a King or Queen Regnant'
16 August 2021
Panel Seminar: Stephanie Russo and Laura Saxton - 'Anne Boleyn in Historical Fiction'
15 November 2021
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