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Bringing  together  scholars  engaged  in  research  on  royal  themes

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We are a global and scholarly network dedicated to providing educational resources, scholarly connections, and current information on all things royal. To learn more about the formation and purpose of RSN, check out our mission page.


To date, we have over 800+ members around the world. Our dynamic and engaging network is an interdisciplinary and prolific community of diverse scholars, educators, students, and enthusiasts. We invite you to make use of our website and forge connections. To be kept informed of the latest scholarly news, academic opportunities, or gain access to exclusive content, just sign up to become a member by clicking on the 'Membership' page.  

Finally, the Royal Studies Network is the genesis of the Kings & Queens conference series and the inspiration for the establishment of Royal Studies Journal, be sure to check each of these superb initiatives by clicking on the icons to the right or the links above. Also follow us on social media via the icons to the left. 

We hope that you will enjoy browsing and utilising the resources contained here. If you have questions, comments, or want to share ideas, please do not hesitate to get into touch with us.

Happy  exploring! 

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China's_Ming_Dynasty_Empress_Xiaoyizhuang Longqing Emperor
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mughal empress
Emma Louisa Cahill Maron
christina of sweden 19th c
Martin van Meytens d of Maria Theresa
*Banner image: Excerpt from Queen Christina of Sweden's coronation oath, Riksarkivet, Stockholm, RA1442/4, f. 267. Photo courtesy of D.M. Neighbors 
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