15 November 2021 (17:oo-UK/18:00-CET)



The November seminar will feature a panel presentation with Stephanie Russo (Macquarie University) and Laura Saxton (ACU Melbourne) on Anne Boleyn in Historical Fiction. Dr Saxton will analyse the intersection of characterisation, authority, and subjectivity in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall series, arguing that her representation of Cromwell as an observer is crucial to that of Henry’s queens. Following on, Dr Russo will examine the Gothic elements (imprisonment, a violent death and, of course, sex) surrounding the story of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second and most infamous wife, suggesting that the Gothic mash-up, then, heightens and makes visible the ideological underpinnings of any Anne Boleyn fiction.


Seminar Timetable: 

(Times are for UK/UTC)

17:00 - 17:15: Introduction (Chair)

17:15 - 17:35: Presenter 1

17:35 - 17:55: Presenter 2

17:55 - 18:10: Q&A


About the Presenters: 

Stephanie Russo is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at Macquarie University. She is the author of The Afterlife of Anne Boleyn: Representations of Anne Boleyn in Fiction and on the Screen (2020) and Women in Revolutionary Debate: Female Novelists from Burney to Austen (2012). She specialises in historical fiction and women's writing of the early modern period, and has published widely on fictional representations of Anne Boleyn and other Tudor queens.