CFP - The Embodied Court: Procreation-Sexuality-Lifestyles-Death (Deadline: 15 February 2022)

The Embodied Court: Procreation - Sexuality - Lifestyles - Death

1-3 September 2022

The Society for Court Studies and University of Helsinki/Turku (hybrid format)

Keynote speakers

Helen Watanabe O’Kelly (University of Oxford)

Svante Norrhem (Lund University)

Anu Lahtinen (University of Helsinki)


Recent years have seen increased attention paid to the individual bodies that made up premodern royal and princely courts, and how the courtly environment shaped the corporal experiences of everyone involved, from the ruler down to the servants. This interdisciplinary conference will explore the physicality of the court in four key contexts from across the lifecycle: bodies being born and giving birth; bodies as sexual actors or objects; bodies in courtly lifestyles; and dead and dying bodies. These common experiences were not one-size-fitsall, but took on particular political, social, and cultural consequence in the charged atmosphere of the court (which they in turn helped define).

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