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CFC: Later Stuart Queens, 1660-1735: Religion, Political Culture & Patronage (DEADLINE: 7 Sept 2020)

Call for Contributions: Later Stuart Queens, 1660-1735: Religion, Political Culture, and Patronage

Editors: Eilish Gregory and Michael Questier

Seeking proposals for an edited collection focused on the later Stuart queens and their impact in religion, political culture, and patronage in Britain and Europe. It will concentrate on Stuart queens from the restoration of King Charles II in 1660 until the death of Maria Clementina Sobieska in 1735, who was married to James Francis Edward Stuart, the titular King James III. While earlier Stuart queens such as Anne of Denmark and Henrietta Maria have attracted many essays, chapters and books, the later Stuart queens’ contribution to religion, political culture, and their patronage ties have not been fully realised. This is notwithstanding the fact that later Stuart queens were instrumental in pivotal moments of the late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-centuries in Britain and Europe. This volume will welcome any topic on the later Stuart queens which covers their involvement in religion, political culture, and patronage, from their reaction to major political events to their commissions of architecture and art. The purpose of the collection is to offer an innovative insight into the significance of these later Stuart queens, how foreign-born queen consorts marked their roles in the Stuart royal family, and how events such as the Glorious Revolution and Jacobite Rebellion shaped these queenships. 

A range of publication outlets have expressed interest in the volume. Planned publication will be 2022-2023. We will consider proposals from scholars at all stages of their careers, and we especially welcome proposals from graduate students and those at the early stage of their academic careers. 

Possible essay topics include, but are not limited to: 

• Re-evaluation of individual queen’s impact in political events 

• Queen’s views on religious culture in Britain 

• Stuart queen’s roles as patrons in Britain and Europe 

• Political and public reaction to the later Stuart queens 

• Patronage of cultural endeavours such as music, art, and literature 

• Comparison of the later Stuart queen’s sponsored commissions of architectural building works and chapels 

• The power of these queens in the political landscape of Britain and in European states 

• The promotion of religion 

• Pivotal political moments which threatened to undermine the queen’s authority in Britain 

• Their patronage networks as queens 

• How queen consorts retained their cultural impact as widows 

Chapter proposals should be 250-300 words, accompanied by a brief biography, for essays of 7,000 words including footnotes. 

Please email proposals and biographies to under the subject heading ‘Later Stuart Queens volume’ no later than 7 September 2020. Accepted authors will be notified by the end of September 2020 and complete essays will be due September 2021.

'Catherine of Braganza', 17th century, Peter Lely

'Mary II of England', c. 1690, Godfrey Kneller

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