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Open Call for Suggestions: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Ongoing)

ODNB (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography): The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) requests suggestions of subjects to be considered for inclusion in forthcoming update focusing on medieval women’s lives. We are looking for figures that have come to light through recent research or perhaps have simply been overlooked by previous releases. Candidates should be: British or relevant to a British Isles or colonial context; significant, 'historically notable', or figures who have 'shaped an aspect of national life' (please note this can be a historiographical significance or in terms of leaving a significant archive).

Likely candidates will go on a long list to be considered for future updates. It is very helpful if suggestions can include names, dates, a brief summary of significance, and relevant references. It is also very useful help us identify the lives of women who are covered in passing in the dictionary (often in the lives of husbands, fathers, etc.), but whose significance and archival record means that their lives should be expanded to full entries. Please forward all suggestions to

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