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Call - Expressions of interest for RSN panels at Leeds IMC/Theme: CRISIS (Deadline: 15 Sept 2023)

Call - Expressions of interest for RSN panels/sessions/roundtables

Special thematic strand: Crisis

Leeds IMC 2024

1 - 4 July 2024

The Royal Studies Network calls for expressions of interest on the general theme of "Crisis” in the context of royal and monarchical studies for several sessions/roundtables it hopes to submit to the organizing committee for the Leeds International Medieval Congress in 2024. Submissions are welcome covering all periods and geographies of the long Middle Ages as well as medievalisms from literature and popular culture. Some ideas that might be considered (but not limited to) are:

  • Medieval and modern perceptions, descriptions, and conceptualizations of crises, narratives of crises;

  • Crisis and rhetoric, strategic spin-doctoring of crises (perceived and actual);

  • Symbolic crises; necessary crises;

  • Genres of crises: religious, diplomatic, political/geopolitical; dynastic/monarchical/succession;

  • ‘Private’ and public crises: marital, familial, households and courts;

  • Turning points/change/transformation: crisis and renewal;

  • Victory and defeat, resilience and opportunity; leveraging crisis – who wins, who loses.

Proposal (consisting of a 300-word abstract and a current one-page CV) are due: 15 September 2023. For more information about submitting proposals or contacting the organisers, please click on the button below for the CFP flyer.

Download PDF • 283KB

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