17 May 2022


Seminar: Another Girl?: The Japanese Royal Succession Debate in Historical Perspective

Takashi Fujitani (University of Toronto)





(From Manga series on Japanese emperors in history. The two large characters make up the word (‘tenno’) for emperor. The text in the upper right corner says: “And most important, the (female) Emperor Suiko was the first to use ‘Tenno (Emperor)’ as the Sovereign’s title.” Manga art by artist Kobayashi Yoshinori.)



This seminar will focus on the topic of female succession, which has intermittently been a hot issue in Japan given the lack of males in the line of imperial succession.



Dustin M. Neighbors


Seminar Timetable

17:00 – 17:10: Introduction (Chair)

17:10 – 17:55: Presentations

17:55 – 18:25: Q&A