18 January 2022


Roundtable: Writing Biographies for Royal Women - Challenges and Approaches


Featuring Ellie Woodacre, Rúben Gonzalez Cuerva, Kristen Geaman, Stefany Wragg, Silvia Mitchell, Jonathan Spangler, with Louise Wilkinson as chair



This roundtable brings together several authors from Routledge’s Lives of Royal Women series to discuss their approaches to writing biographies of royal women. Biographies offer a challenge to historians in several respects: getting the balance right between narrative and analysis and for this series in particular, the balance between telling the story of a royal woman’s life and applying the analytical lens of queenship to examine her exercise of her position of office. Another challenge, highlighted in Theresa Earenfight’s article “Highly Visible, Often Obscured” is dealing with gaps in information and documentation—which can be particularly acute when dealing with royal women’s lives when the records of the king and crown can be prioritized over those related to consorts, dowagers, and princesses for both creation and long-term archival retention. The authors on this panel will reflect on these challenges and others which they faced inthe creation of their own contribution to the LORW series and discuss the particular approaches they used when writing about the lives of their particular subject(s).



Louise Wilkinson


Seminar Timetable

17:00 – 17:10: Introduction (Chair)

17:10 – 18:00: Roundtable discussion

18:00 – 18:30: Q&A