Technical Information for K&Q10

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Kings and Queens 10. Below is some general information, and specific points to note for attendees.


Registered contributors and attendees will receive materials required for attendance and participation in the conference through UHI Dropbox (encrypted file sharing provider, for more information see the KQ10 conference Privacy Notice). This will include conference video links for sessions (see Webex below). These will be distributed following the close of registration (after 18 June).


General public access conference information (including conference programme) will be provided on the Royal Studies Network website:


Cisco Webex

We will be using Cisco Webex Meetings to host the conference. For the best functionality, we recommend that you download the Cisco Webex App in advance of the conference; however, you do not need to do so and can simply join from the conference links using the browser version if you prefer. Over the course of the conference, we will have co-hosts from UHI who will take care of the technical side and will be available to answer questions in the chat supported by our UHI IT support.


You can find information about Webex Teams and download it from here: Cisco Webex Downloads. It can be downloaded onto Windows and Mac devices, and if you are using an iPad or similar there are various app versions that can be installed. 


Contributing to Discussion as an Attendee

We are really keen to have plenty of audience participation in the conference, but PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE MUTED WHEN YOU’RE NOT SPEAKING in any session. In some cases, you will be automatically muted on entry and will only be able to unmute during the Q&A. 


For contributing to discussions in Q & A, you are better to use a headphone mic rather than relying on your inbuilt speakers on your computer, but this is not essential. Please note that Webex Meetings has a chat function, and this will also be used for facilitating questions if you would prefer not to speak ‘live’. 


We will provide further information on contributing to discussions as an attendee closer to the conference and in the conference pack, including information about commenting asynchronously on poster presentations and our pre-recorded Fringe sessions.