AUP is a leading scholarly publisher of the humanities and social sciences. AUP's history commissioning editors share an ethos of publishing cutting-edge and contextually precise scholarship spanning late antique through to the late medieval period. The newest series added to the history programme is Studies in Monarchy & Money. Royal Economic, Business, and Financial Histories. The series, edited by Dr Charlotte Backerra and Dr Cathleen Sarti, addresses the interdependences between monarchical rule and economy, business, and finance. 

For researchers of premodern court culture, the AUP series Early Modern Court Studies encourages fresh examination on the confluence of power, prestige and capital operating at court and its resulting innovation in fashions, culture, and kinship.

With a focus on gender history, the series Gendering the Late Medieval and Early Modern World is home to books such as Women at the Early Modern Swedish Court by Fabian Persson (2021), The Reputation of Edward II, 1305-1697 by Kit Heyam (2020), Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe edited by Lisa Hopkins and Aidan Norrie (2019), and Women and Power at the French Court, 1483-1563 edited by Susan Broomhall (2018).

AUP is publishing partners with Arc Humanities Press, publisher of the books Princesses Mary and Elizabeth Tudor and the Gift Book Exchange by Valerie Schutte (2021), Women and Economic Power in Premodern Royal Courts edited by Cathleen Sarti(2020), and A Companion to Global Queenship edited by Elena Woodacre (2018).

AUP is actively seeking proposals for innovative research from a global network.


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